Can You Put Glass In A Skip?

You can put glass in a skip, but you should follow basic safety precautions when doing so. This helps protect you and the skip hire removal team. If you have a significantly large volume of glass you wish to dispose of, we advise you to contact your skip hire company before adding it to the skip.

In this article, we’ll explain how to dispose of glass safely, plus what you can expect to happen to that glass after it has been placed in the skip.

Sheets of glass needing disposing of

Why should you only dispose of small amounts of glass?

Glass can be dangerous and, while small amounts carefully added to the skip are okay, large amounts can be dangerous. You can add an old mirror or light bulb, but considerable amounts of glass waste are not recommended. If you’re unsure how much is too much, simply get in contact with our team for a chat. We’ll advise you on how much glass is acceptable or arrange a special service to help remove your glass safely.

How to dispose of glass in a skip

Glass, especially broken glass, can be dangerous to handle, which is why we advise you to take a few basic safety precautions when disposing of your glass waste:

  • Small pieces of broken glass should be wrapped up and placed into a container or cardboard box before being placed into the skip.
  • Large pieces of broken glass should be taped up on the fractured edge. 
  • Windows or mirrors with cracked/shattered glass should also be taped up to hold the shattered pieces in place.

How is glass recycled?

At Camiers, we endeavour to recycle as much as we can from the waste we collect. We will extract any glass you place into the skip and divert it away from landfill and to our state-of-the-art recycling & waste transfer station.

The glass recycling process has become much easier as technology has advanced. The process generally consists of the following steps:

  1. Glass is removed from the skip and sent to a waste treatment facility
  2. The glass is sorted by colour
  3. The sorted glass is washed to remove any impurities
  4. The glass is crushed, melted and moulded to create new products such as jars and bottles.

If you need glass waste disposal, use a skip from a trusted skip supplier. Camiers has been supplying skips to customers throughout Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas for over 45 years. Unlike many of our competitors, we allow small amounts of glass in our skip, and can even arrange collection for larger quantities. 

Don’t just clean up your home — clean up the environment, too. Use Camiers today to get environmentally-friendly skip hire. Use our online form for a free quote or contact our team for more information.