How to Avoid an Overloaded Skip

Hiring a skip is a great way to dispose of your waste during a clearout or move. They come in a variety of sizes, meaning they’re suitable for projects at all scales. However, it’s important to make sure you choose a skip size suitable for your project. Choose one that’s too small and you may end up overfilling it — which could become a hazard to the public and land you a hefty fine.

Overloaded skip on road

In this article, we discuss how to avoid overloading your skip before and after your order.

Why shouldn’t you overload a skip?

An overloaded skip can become a hazard to anyone who walks by or to the skip hire staff when removing the skip. Items piled high can easily fall out, causing damage to any person or property nearby.  

Because health and safety is our number one priority, we have a strict policy against overloading skips. We do it to protect you, our staff and others, so it’s critical that you follow the rules.

How high can you fill a skip?

Each skip has a maximum fill line that indicates the height to which you can fill it. This is a thick red line on the inside of the skip and will be present on every single size.

What happens if my skip is too full?

You could be landed with a fine if you overload your skip. This fine is issued as a deterrent to stop people from overloading skips and consequently endangering the public. 

If you overload your skip, you may find that some of your waste has fallen out and you could be charged with littering.

If you have hired a skip and find that you have filled it to the maximum fill line but still have more waste to dispose of, your best option at that point is to hire a second skip. You may only need a small one, but you’ll still end up paying more than if you had simply ordered the correct-sized skip in the first place. To avoid this problem, it’s important you choose the right skip for your needs.

How to choose the right size skip?

Reputable skip hire companies such as Camiers Waste Management offer a range of skip sizes to suit all requirements. Occupants of a small flat looking to take on a simple clearout project may need a 4-yard midi skip, whereas large commercial projects may require a 12-yard enclosed skip.

At Camiers, we provide skips from 4-yards up to 12-yards depending on your needs. Check out our skip size page for more information about our skips and which one is right for you.

You can also contact our team for advice. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right skip for your needs — just give us a call.

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