How to Prepare for your Skip

Congratulations — you’ve just hired a skip! You’re well on your way to starting your clearout project and enjoying beautifully clean premises. 

But the job isn’t done yet. You need to make sure you prepare for your skip delivery so that the entire process runs as smoothly as possible. 

In this article, we’ll help you prepare for your skip delivery with a few simple steps.

Remove hazards

Remove hazards

Your site must be clear in preparation for delivery. The skip can not be placed if there are any obstacles preventing delivery or placement. Check the size of the skip being delivered and ensure you have cleared a suitable space of the same width.

Hazards may occur on the delivery route as well as the placement area. Though you can not always account for unexpected hazards, you can notify your skip hire company for any permanent structures that might obstruct delivery. Skip lorries are large and will require around 3-4 metres of height clearance to deliver your skip safely. If you are aware of any low-hanging power lines or bridges, you should alert your skip hire company prior to delivery day.

Alert your neighbours

Alert neighbours

Skip delivery can be a disruptive process. If you have narrow roads, your neighbours may not be able to get through for the period that the skip is being delivered. Placing the skip down can be noisy, too. Out of respect to your neighbours, we recommend notifying them of the date and time that you are getting your skip delivered. This will allow them to plan ahead and make any necessary changes to their schedule. It will also ensure you keep good relations with them.

Allow for lorry manoeuvering

Lorry manoeuvering

The skip delivery process requires the skip lorry to make maneuvers that require considerable space. You should make sure that the area is clear so that the lorry can complete these manoeuvres safely. If you have particularly narrow roads or you believe there may be an issue making these manoeuvres, you should notify your skip delivery company prior to delivery day.

Avoid manholes

Avoid manholes

Choose a delivery area away from any manholes. Placing a skip on a manhole can have dire consequences. In addition to damaging the manhole cover itself, the heavy weight of the skip can also cause flooding due to a backflow of rainwater or damage to the pipes. The longer the skip is left on the manhole, the higher the risk of damage.

Arrange for hazardous waste removal

Hazardous waste graphic

It’s important to remember that not all waste can be placed in a skip. Hazardous waste requires separate removal. For simplicity, we recommend using a skip hire company that can provide traditional skip hire and hazardous waste removal. Check the restricted items before hiring a skip to ensure you don’t place anything prohibited into it. You may be fined if you fail to comply with the rules.


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