How to Reduce Your Business Waste Costs

Reducing your commercial waste costs may seem like an impossible task, especially if you own a considerably large business. However, reducing the amount of waste you generate can save you money and maximise efficiency. Not only this, but you could earn an excellent reputation in the area for your commitment to helping the environment. In this article, we’ll be detailing some of the ways in which you can reduce your business waste costs.

Business Waste

Recycle the waste you generate

Although this may not be possible for 100% of the waste you generate, you’ll still be able to recycle a significant amount of it. It should be of the utmost priority for businesses to implement a well-organised, effective recycling scheme. Place recycling bins around the office for employees to dispose of their rubbish responsibly. This makes it more of an inclusive, collective initiative that the whole company can get involved with.

Generate less waste in general

In order to reduce the waste you generate, you must first find out exactly how much waste you’re producing in the first place. This will help you to identify where the majority of it is being generated. This way, changes can be made to the way in which the company operates. Some of those changes could include:

  • Not printing anything unless absolutely necessary
  • Using both sides of the paper
  • Filling up note pads
  • Recycling plastic and paper
  • Shutting down computers when not in use
  • Fitting energy-saving light bulbs
  • Switching all lights off at the end of the day
  • Turn heating or air-conditioning off when not needed
  • Go paperless where possible
  • Encourage green-commuting (cycling, lift shares etc)

Donate your waste

This mainly depends on the type of waste that comes out of your business, but for many food retailers and catering businesses, food is donated to homeless shelters, soup kitchens and food banks – all extremely good causes. Do some research and find out which charities or trusts are on the lookout for food donations to help support their cause. Liaising with them can reduce your waste costs, boost your reputation in the local area and help the environment.

Sell your waste

It’s possible for you to sell your commercial recycling rubbish, with glass, plastic, metals and dry mixed recyclables fetching a decent price – a perfect solution for companies who regularly produce this sort of recyclable waste. If selling your recyclable waste sounds like a viable option for you and your company, then make sure you keep an eye on all recyclable materials that are being responsibly disposed of, and look into how you could sell them for reuse elsewhere.

Find the right waste management company for you

It’s important that you find the right waste management company to meet your requirements. Do some research to find out which firm provides a collection service which best meets your waste management needs. It’s important to re-evaluate the collection services whenever a waste audit is carried out. However, sticking with the same waste management service, despite considerably reducing the amount of rubbish you generate, can prove to be an avoidable waste of capital.

Waste management at Camiers

Camiers as been widely associated with responsible, reliable waste management solutions for over 45 years. As well as domestic clients, we’re also proud to provide commercial customers with excellent waste management solutions to suit your needs. Not only that, but we will always aim to recycle 100% of the waste we collect, so you can rest assured that your rubbish will be efficiently and responsibly dealt with at all times, regardless of the amount we take away for disposal.

If you live in Aylesbury or the surrounding areas, and would like to learn more about the waste management and skip hire solutions we’re able to offer, together with waste and junk clearance, get in touch with a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team today – we’re always happy to help.