Fly Tipping Clearance

Unfortunately, fly tipping is an all-too-common occurrence here in the UK. With over 1 million fly tipping incidents recorded since 2019. It is were rubbish is unceremoniously dumped – either by the roadside or on other people’s land – can seriously damage the surrounding environment.

Not only that, if those who dumped the rubbish cannot be traced, the landowner becomes responsible for properly removing the waste; failure to do so can lead to a hefty fine. To find out more about fly tipping, read our informative article on “what fly tipping is”

Fast And Efficient Fly Tipping Clearance

At Camiers, we carry out a meticulous fly tipping clearance service that removes any third party waste from your land. Whether it’s black bags filled with household waste, or even large amounts of hazardous industrial waste, we make sure to collect, transport and dispose of illegally-dumped waste in a professional, environmentally responsible manner.

We handle fly tipping waste of any size throughout Aylesbury and the surrounding areas. If you have dumped waste that needs to be disposed of, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.