House Clearance

The amount and type of waste generated during a house clearance can vary, and this can be difficult to handle without professional help. At Camiers, we are fully equipped to perform waste removal services for all sizes and scales of house clearance.

From bulky furniture to disused appliances, electronics, and more, we ensure prompt and efficient collection of your household waste.

Whether you’re performing a refurbishment, clearing some space, or you are a landlord preparing a house for a new tenant, Camiers has the equipment and expertise to help.

Garden Clearance

The team at Camiers also provides a full garden clearance service. We come prepared to collect all manner of green waste, including tree branches, soil, garden furniture and decoration, grass clippings, garden paving and more.

We operate our own recycling and transfer station, so you can be sure that your garden waste will be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

If you’re in need of reliable house and garden clearance services in Aylesbury and beyond, simply contact the friendly team at Camiers today.