5 Tips To Reduce Waste In Aylesbury

Since there are no more lunchtime meal deals or trips to your favourite local restaurant during COVID-19, we’ve been forced to prepare and cook between 2-3 meals a day at home. This has meant that our waste bins are fuller than ever, and in some cases, they’ve been overflowing! This need to relieve waste has, unfortunately, lead to local fly-tipping news reports in Aylesbury, which has left many residents and dog walkers appalled, as this is a time where we’re supposed to be maximising on cleansing all areas of our homes, shops and the outdoors to help reduce infection. 

With this in mind, Camiers is here to offer tips on how to reduce waste, so that we can work together to combat this issue and change our habits to accomplish a worldwide goal of reducing and reusing waste. 

Excess waste consisting of plastic bottles and cans

Tips on how to reduce waste

In order to reduce waste, we must change habits whether it be recycling correctly or just reusing items, so here are five ways to reduce landfill waste. 

Make a compost

Even if you’re not one to throw food away, there will be times where food ends up in the bin. For example, coffee grounds, ends of carrots, potato/orange peeling, eggshells and other items will be thrown in the bin. Food waste like this can all go into compost. Not only will it reduce the waste going to landfill but this waste will create rich, organic matter for your garden and help it to thrive.

Cancel unnecessary mail/subscriptions

Still getting your bank statements through in the post or the same monthly magazine that you haven’t opened for ages? Stop these from coming through your letterbox and save some trees. This is just more to go into your waste bin – although it’s likely you can recycle it – and it’s kinder to the planet to put a stop to it. 

Stop using plastic shopping bags

Single-use plastic bags aren’t necessary, get yourself a material tote bag and let’s work together to reduce the amount of plastic we use.

Donate to charity

Old clothes, kitchenware and homeware that are no longer being used can be given to charity. The money that’s raised for your donations will be put towards a good cause – which is much better than landfill, right?

Repair and reuse

Lost a button on a jacket or have a hole in a sofa seat cushion? These are all things that are easily repairable, look up a YouTube video for guidance and get your sewing kit out. Not confident enough? See your local tailor who will be able to patch your item up for you so that it can be used again.There are many things we can do to reduce our waste and it may take a little more time than just throwing something in the bin, but if this means securing the next generation’s future, it’s worth it! 

If you need help with reducing your waste and want to ensure it goes to a responsible waste management and skip hire company, contact Camiers. We have a wealth of experience in the industry and are here to work with as many people as we can to ensure reusable waste is diverted from landfill and put back to good use.