Choosing the Right Skip Size for Your House Clearance Project

Whether you’re preparing for extensive renovations or seeking to declutter and create more space, opting for skip hire can greatly facilitate your house clearance efforts. However, determining the appropriate skip size poses a common challenge. You don’t want to overspend on a skip that’s too large, yet underestimating your needs could lead to ordering another skip, incurring unnecessary costs.

Recognizing this dilemma, Camiers has curated a user-friendly guide to assist you in selecting the optimal skip size for your house clearance, accompanied by essential insights.

House Clearance Skip Sizes:

At Camiers, we offer an array of skip sizes tailored to house clearance tasks. Here’s a comprehensive list of our available sizes:

– 4-yard skip
– 6-yard skip
– 8-yard mixed waste skip
– 12-yard enclosed skip
– 12-yard mixed waste skip
– 20-yard RORO skip
– 40-yard RORO skip 
– 60-yard RORO skip

To provide more context, let’s delve into the specific types of house clearance projects these skips cater to. Beginning with smaller ventures such as attic or garage cleanouts, involving the disposal of items like old magazines, books, clothes, or small construction debris, our 4 or 6-yard skips are ideal. Despite their compact size, they boast capacities of 5 and 8 tonnes respectively.

For room-level clearances intended for renovations or furniture updates,  we’d recommend a 6-yard skip for small works or an 8-yard skip if you’ve got large pieces of furniture.

If your project involves larger-scale tasks, like whole-house renovations or discarding substantial kitchen and bathroom fixtures, our 12-yard mixed waste skip is perfectly suited. This skip offers the convenience of tackling light refurbishments and house clearance endeavours without worrying about waste disposal challenges. If you find you’re still unsure, we have a handy Skip Size Calculator just so you can be sure.

4-12 Yard Skips 12-40 yard skips

Accepted and Restricted Items:

Understanding what you can and can’t place in your skip is crucial for responsible waste disposal. You can dispose of papers, fabrics, wooden furniture, carpets, metals, and plastics from plumbing projects. Tiles and ceramics from renovations can also be discarded in our skips.

However, certain items are restricted from skip disposal. Materials like chemicals, solvents, and liquid waste, as well as batteries, oils, tires, and electrical equipment, should be taken to a local recycling centre. Notably, due to its hazardous nature, asbestos is prohibited from skip hire house clearances. If you’re still unsure, we have several helpful guides to help you out such as What Can You Put In A Skip? and Can You Put Glass In A Skip?

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