What is a Weighbridge?

Weighbridges help us to help you. They’re exceptionally useful contraptions for our line of work and help make the waste removal process better for everyone. This article will explain everything you need to know about weighbridges, including what they are, what they do and how they benefit you.

Lorry on weighbridge on industrial site

What is a weighbridge?

As the name suggests, a weighbridge is a large steel or concrete platform used to weigh a large vehicle. Think of it like a large bathroom scale: we drive our lorry onto the platform and a digital monitor displays its weight. 

Because we charge by weight, weighbridges are great for identifying the weight of your waste without having to interrupt the removal process or rely on human intervention. The metrics are recorded and off we go.

What does a weighbridge measure?

A weighbridge measures the overall weight of the vehicle, and we use this to calculate the weight of the waste we’ve retrieved.

We simply deduct the unloaded weight of our vehicle from the loaded weight to obtain the accurate weight of your waste.

It’s a simple formula: Loaded removal lorry – unloaded removal lorry = weight of the retrieved waste. And it’s transparent for us and for you.

How does a weighbridge work?

The reliability of a weighbridge stems from the load cells. These are highly accurate transducers that convert a small resistance change into a usable electric signal. This signal is then filtered and calibrated before being digitally displayed.

The system doesn’t even require the vehicle to stop. We simply drive on at a reduced speed and let the weighbridge work its magic.

What are the benefits of a weighbridge?

A weighbridge benefits both the customer and the business involved in the waste removal transaction.

  • Accuracy

This system yields extremely precise measurements to ensure that the customer is not overcharged for their waste.

  • Speed of service

Because we don’t have to spend time weighing the waste manually, the removal process is completed quickly and without hassle.

  • Instant identification of overloaded vehicles

The weighbridge can alert us if our vehicle is overloaded, preventing us from travelling in unsafe conditions.

  • Cost-effective for the customer

The accuracy, speed and simplicity that a local weighbridge provides allows us to reduce our overheads and give you the best price for your waste. 

We use the nearest weighbridge to travel from you to our very own waste transfer station. It’s here that we sort and dispose of the waste in the most suitable manner. At Camiers Skip & Grab Hire we aim to recycle 100% of the waste we receive, ensuring nothing goes to landfill needlessly. By using Camiers for your waste disposal needs, you’ll be receiving a great price and you’ll be helping the environment all in one. If you’re a customer in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire or the surrounding areas and are in need of waste management services, contact us today.